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I don’t think i can do laps in this pool… (Sigh)

San Alfonso Del Mar Resort


Pantai Bogak Beach

Pantai Pasir Bogak (Pasir Bogak Beach), is located south west of Pangkor Island, and is the most popular beach on Pangkor Island. The water is shallow and clear; along  a two-kilometre crescent-shaped beach, offers a range of activities.

Open-air stalls offer local delicacies such as barbecued squids, satay (grilled meat on sticks) and fish crisps.

Pasir Bogak Beach is situated at 84km from Ipoh city or a 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, (where you can also take a 40 minute ride on the ferry) is Pangkor Island. There are also scheduled flights via Kuala Lumpur operated by Berjaya Air. Upon arrival, buses and taxis are readily available for most part of the day to take you around. Pantai Pasir Bogak is easily accessible by road from Pangkor town.

I personally feel that there are more things to discover and rediscover on the island. However I’d prefer to just laze and sip a cool beverage along the beach and do nothing… its a vacation anyway.


‘Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia’ is a shop operating on a mini market format, which provides various basic necessities at low prices. The existence of ‘Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia’ acts as a medium for the Government to control prices and lessens the monopolization of products which has long been dominated by the multinational manufacturers.

Locally Manufactured

As such, the multinational companies will be constrained from imposing price hikes without due justification. I personally feel, that its an effort worth progressing. Due to growing demands on the items such as “Minuman Jus Epal”  & “Minuman Jus Oren” [Picture] which is priced considerably low, is catered to cushion low-income earners expenses. Products produced locally by Malaysia’s Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) is also in-turn helping to create more job opportunities and at the same time helping the low-income community to purchase the similar goods at an affordable price-tag.

When i was younger, i wasn’t really into history; reading all those thick text books, however loved to hear stories and watch movies about it. Now that I’ve grown to love reading all kinds of books, i have also learned to appreciate the architectural value of Malaysia’s historical sites like Kedah’s, Kuala Kedah Fort.

Fort Kuala Kedah

The fort represents battles, struggle for power and architectural value of centuries past. Remnants of an almost vague history whispers many stories within its walls. Among other things, it is also a nice place to contemplate and just relax with friends or family.

To reach Kuala Kedah, exit the PLUS expressway at Alor Setar and travel by the trunk road westwards. Today, Kuala Kedah is a quiet town where the ferry terminal to Langkawi Island is located. There are also special boats to Pulau Payar for Kuala Kedah.

To reach the site, travel to Kuala Kedah and turn right at the first traffic junction upon reaching the town, then left, across the bridge over the Kedah River. Look out for a white lighthouse on the left.

Drink For Health

Water is tasteless, odourless… However you can’t live without it.

Here are some facts about drinking water:

  • Drinking water can clear up your skin.
  • Water is used to flush out toxins and waste from the body.
  • A typical person will lose minimum 2-4 litres of water per day under ordinary conditions… and more in hot, dry or cold weather.
  • According to Malaysia Dietary Guideline No.11, we need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of plain water daily.

Judging people by plain sight isn’t much interesting, however once you get to know them you’d be surprise… Same goes for the biggest temple in the country… Look beyond the structure and you’ll be humbled by what resides within. Among the beautiful sites to be witnessed is its spectacular view of Ipoh, Perak after a 260 over steps to reach the top of Gunung Rapat.

Arrested Looking For Change?

“I grew up very poor with eight brothers and sisters. My mother used to buy us discount clothing. You know what i’m talking about? Rejects. [Made-up part] She’d buy me these pants with zipper on the side and the pocket in front.

One day i got arrested looking for change.”

– Tom Dreeson

Planning is paramount for anything to go well, in any situation, especially a wedding ceremony… Now saying that, get professional advice and much more at the Malaysia International Wedding & Banquet Exhibition happening at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center on the 8th till 10th July. Your bound to find something you like aside from the price…


Rising 2,000 feet above sea level visibly named by its height, you know where I’m going with this… It’s the unmistakably Tinggi Island in Johor. Another beautiful location for a dive or even snorkeling enthusiasts is blessed with rich exotic marine life… let’s put it this way, dolphins do make appointments to the island at times.

  For more on this beautiful location click on the picture and read comments on the location.